What Does a New Year Mean to You?

By January 3, 2019 First Priority Of America

It’s a new year! Another year has gone and a new year has come. Some say, well it’s just a day, one day it was 2018 and the next day it’s 2019. Nothing has changed. For some that’s true. They just continue in their same daily life without a change in the world. But for some it’s a 2nd chance, or a start of something new and different. Or even maybe to give something up for a while. Of course the gyms are flooded with people trying to get back in shape. More people set goals of things they want to accomplish or try to accomplish anyway. All those things are good things. Goals that we set out to accomplish that make us better people in one way or another. But we also want to focus on the ‘why’ of what we do.

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My church started a 21 day fast on the first day of the New Year. A way in which to focus on God and unite together to bring about revival in a place that so needs it. Whatever it is that you set out to do or not do in this new year, I pray that God will be in it. I pray that you are doing it for the right reason and that through it you will come closer to walk along side the One who gave you life. I pray that your passions will align with His and that He will lead you to be more like Him in how you live your life.

As we begin a new year at First Priority of America, we want to make sure we are intentional about what we do and how we do it. We want God in it all. Our desire is for us all to grow in Him so that we can continue our journey to see the Hope of Christ in every student.


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