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By August 1, 2019 December 2nd, 2019 Nehemiah

Happy August first!! What?!? Summer camps are starting to wind down, mission trips are in the bag, and some of your students are fired up about making a difference on their school campus.

If you don’t already have a First Priority club in your community, we put together a booklet to help local churches reach the schools near them. This is our 2019-2020 version and is based on 25+ years of campus ministry. It is meant to be used by churches or a network of churches.

Sign up for our free FP Webinar and we will get you the guide as you prepare for the school year. Can you imagine when your students start reaching their friends for Christ at school? We can too!

You can sign up here


Brad Schelling

Author Brad Schelling

Brad's passion for First Priority is how the legal side of a faith-based club at school is navigated. Solving the problem is 100% relational and 110% being above reproach with the laws of the state and district. He has been in student ministry since 1997, served as a First Priority campus coach in Sioux Falls, SD starting in 2001 and joined staff with FPoA in 2008. He helped get FP of the Great Plains (SD/IA) off the ground before moving his family to Nashville, TN in 2011 to be strategic in his work with First Priority. Brad, with his wife Erika and four children, attend Church of the City in Spring Hill. Brad is available and would be honored to speak at your church, camp, conference or event. You can get in touch with him through email at

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