The following steps are a guide for those (students, teachers, youth leaders and parents) who desire to see a First Priority Club established at their middle or high school.

Step 1: Get to Know Us

We exist to guide you in equipping students to reach students at school. Watch our FPofAmerica videos on YouTube, download the ‘First Priority of America’ app, follow us on social media. We have the information and resources students need to start a Christian First Priority Club at their school. We want to give it to you in order to see the Hope of Christ in every student in America!

Step 2: Get Trained

In order to do that, we host free FP Webinars regularly. We train you on the First Priority resources, understanding a student’s first amendment rights, and the Equal Access Act; all to help you navigate the unique opportunity to reach every student in your school(s). Register by clicking the button below to schedule your training.

Step 3: Start a Club

Your schools, churches, and community are filled with Christ followers. First Priority at its core is a strategy for Christians from community churches to work together to influence the school with the Good News of Jesus. If there are 1-2 students who want to start a club from a single church, have them go grab 7-10 of their Christian friends at school to help them get the First Priority club going. Students influence each other everyday, you might as well help them influence their school for Jesus.