The following steps are a guide for those (students, teachers, youth leaders and parents) who desire to see a First Priority Club established at their middle or high school.

Step 1: We Train You

Join the FP Webinar Today! The winter months are the perfect time to make a change and do something new. By getting trained now, you have the opportunity to gather student leaders and start a First Priority Club this spring! We want for us to have the time to answer your questions specific to your school, so space is limited to the first 10 people to register. Cost is only $10!! Get in before they fill up. What do you get for the $10?

  • We will help you to see how a united Church effort in the school will change school culture. You will see the school as a mission field and the Christian Students as missionaries.  The first step in life-change is always how we think about something.
  • We will teach you about student first amendment rights in a school and forming a Christian club under the Equal Access Act signed into law by Ronald Reagan in 1984.
  • We will give you access to training PowerPoints to share FP at churches and to train students to lead in the H.O.P.E. cycle. ($25 Value)
  • You will get access to the FP App and all the HOPE resources your students need to lead their club! ($30 Value)
  • We will have a Q&A time to help you overcome your obstacles and understand the first steps to getting a First Priority club started in school!
That’s $55 worth of resources and the coaching to help you get started for only $10!! Starting a club is super easy, but takes a moment to get the pieces in place. Don’t miss out on this spring semester, sign up today!

Step 2: You Train Students

Part of the FP training is in the HOPE strategy. The HOPE strategy is a four week meeting cycle for the students to implement in the FP club. Week one is Help where students learn to understand (and share) the gospel; they get a new Gospel tool each month. Week two is Overcome where there is a discussion about overcoming fears and obstacles that the world puts in their way. Week 3 is Prepare week where students write out then share their faith journey with the club. Their story can be of how God entered into their life or a situation they walked through via the power of God. Week 4 is Engage week where the club engages the students at school with the gospel; Non-believers are invited, an upbeat atmosphere is created, the Good News of Jesus is shared, and lives are changed.

Step 3: Start a Club

Your schools, churches, and community are filled with Christ followers. First Priority at its core is a strategy for Christians from community churches to work together to influence the school with the Good News of Jesus. If there are 1-2 students who want to start a club from a single church, have them grab 7-10 of their Christian friends at school to help them get the First Priority club going. Students influence each other everyday, you might as well help them influence their school for Jesus.