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The Best Day Ever

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Last week we talked about letting students lead. Sometimes, leading can be something simple. It doesn’t always have to be someone standing up in front speaking. Students can lead by being a good example to those around them or simply sharing something with someone just like this middle school student did in Birmingham, AL. Read this testimony of a middle school student who had the best day ever!

Testimony – “It was 7th period and my science teacher had asked us to take out our books and read for the rest of class. My fellow table partner could be a helpful type but was the kind of person that would slip up from time to time as any human, but I was recognizing a pattern. Homework, incomplete. Words, unkind. Character, unhappy. So as you would have guessed, he didn’t have a book. So he asked me to borrow one from my, “library”. I browsed through and carelessly handed him the book, “The Biggest Story”. I thought he might enjoy it because of all the art in it. He yanked it from my hands and ran his fingers through the pages. By the end of the class he had finished the book and was overjoyed during 8th. He was full of happiness and wouldn’t stop telling me about the book. It made him smile and it made me happy. The next morning, we had a guest speaker in our First Priority club and there was a special person that I had never seen in any Christian club, and he was from my 7th period. Can you guess who it was? Yes! The boy from 7th period! He came up to me later during class and told me that he had become a Christian that morning. It was the best day ever!”- Student, Berry Middle School


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I don’t mean to start with the obvious or to be too simple, but the way we think affects the way that we see the world and ultimately how we act each and every day. So, we begin here.

  • We hear people say that culture is ‘so bad’, and we agree with that sentiment. But let’s look at it as an opportunity. The pendulum of our culture always swings from spiritual depravity to spiritual awaking. If you have studied revivals in the past, we are due to see one happen. What an opportunity we have to be a catalyst of this next revival!
  • There are more students who identify themselves as Christians than identify with any other group in the school building on any given day. At least we think so. There is not a poll that has been taken on this. Especially since there are so many privacy laws in place around minors and around the school system today. But, we feel that many still would check that box should they get the multiple choice. Maybe 25% of the students would feel this way? Unless you are a part of a small rural school with 100 students total and the band has 26 of those students in it. Then there would be more band members. That said, in a small rural school, there is a greater chance of there being upwards of 80% of the students who call themselves Christian with some 71% of U.S. adults considering themselves Christian in 2019.

Either way, we are convinced that one of the largest groups on school campuses are Christian students. The problem is they are not organized. The school system helps organize the football team. They buy equipment, hire coaches and give the players a place to practice and play. The same is true with the band and other sanctioned organizations on campus. What if we organized the Christian students? Would that not be a game changer? Would that not change student ministry in your community? Would that be worth asking God to use you to help organize and unite the body of Christ in the middle and high schools of your community?

Why say all this? Cause there are more Christians for your students to partner with at school than just those that go to your student ministry. Think about the implications of a united Christian student-led movement at school.

Which naturally leads to thinking about the bigger picture in your community.  What would happen if the student ministry leaders in your community knew each other, trusted each other, and worked together at school for the common ground of building the Kingdom of Christ.

This is Exciting!

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We received the email below from a new club that launched this year and we just had to share it!

“I know I recently sent you an email but I just had to send another one after experiencing the launch of First Priority this morning at our school.” This group took jumping multiple hurdles to begin! It started the first time 6-8 weeks ago. Everything seemed to be moving along, but it was quickly shut down by the administration. There was confusion of what First Priority really was. After much parent and student involvement, conferences with staff and emails, today finally arrived as our new official launch. The leader team is 5 7th grade girls and their faith will inspire yours in minutes! They are oozing with excitement for the Lord and preparing days in advance. (Something quite notable with their younger age!) It is the only group that is meeting before school and at 7:15am! But that did not stop students from coming. 47 students came this morning!! They had to borrow chairs from the other teacher’s classrooms next door.  It is the first meeting and we are at our max! We will look into meeting in the media center next. The teacher host told me she was up at 4am praying over this meeting. The director of FCA is supporting First Priority by graciously sponsoring all of the donuts this year. Today he met me in the parking lot at 7am with 48 donuts and two boxes of donut holes. While picking up the donuts, he strikes up a conversation with someone who just so happens to be a past substitute teacher for our school and he tells him that he has been praying over that school to experience God. I am so amazed at what God is doing here!

The girls opened the meeting reading about love from 1st Corinthians and shared that THIS is how God loves us. Then they went around the room and every single person gave a suggestion of what loving others could look like on their school campus. I was speechless. It was so beautiful. Afterwards, a student said, “Wow, that was so soothing.” Next week, we are going to jump right in to Engage week and let a male student share his faith story. Apparently, it is an amazing story and he is excited to share it. He will be moving soon, so we are changing things up a bit to give him the chance to speak.

Please be praying over this student and the gal who will share the Gospel afterwards.

Wow! God is moving. What an incredible story of faithfulness. Be encouraged and know that God can move where you are too!

Why First Priority?

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“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke 19:10

We are thankful and excited that First Priority trains students, our future generation, to share the love of Christ with their peers. Students are seeking the lost. It’s incredible to hear week after week the lives that are being changed on school campuses across the nation. Just yesterday, 44 students in the Permian Basin began a relationship with Jesus. That’s amazing! God is on the move and He is not done yet!

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.05.31 AM

Be encouraged to get involved and live out your faith with those around you. Students are doing it in one of the hardest places of all. Be in prayer for ways you can be involved and for the students that are rising up and being bold in their faith.

Choosing to Lead

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This student leader in FP North Alabama chose to lead despite her circumstances.

A 10th grade girl name Jenna just became a student leader for her first priority club that just started their 1st year at her school. Jenna is one of the student leaders that helped organize SYATP to pray for her faculty, administration, fellow students and community. What people don’t know is that her mom is battling cancer and was having surgery that same day and yet she believed God was on the move in her school. We make so many excuses all of the time of why we can’t show up and lead. But these students, in the middle of their own battles are getting on their knees to pray for people who can’t pray for themselves and to encourage others with the HOPE of Christ. Read more here

We as the body need to support the movement that God is pouring out on this generation, they are our future and our future looks great with First Priority student leaders like Jenna. Her school had 77 in attendance for prayer, multiple teacher sponsors and 5 churches in support. Look at our great God working through young women and men that are willing to say “Here am I send me”

Campus Coach Spotlight: Casey from FP Great Plains

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First Priority clubs are a great way for youth pastors to be able to step into the lives of their students on campus and meet them in a place where they spend most of their time. Being a campus coach provides this opportunity, and not only does it help youth pastors connect with their students, it helps churches unite locally. Listen to Casey, a youth pastor from the FP Great Plains community talk about her role as both a youth pastor and campus coach for the FP club she is involved with.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 11.41.49 AM

Check out where we have new FP Clubs this year!

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We are off to a great start this school year and are so excited about the new clubs starting this year in new places! First Priority is helping students reach students for Christ in new locations like Big Springs, TX, Vicksburg, MS, Panama City, FL, Paducah, KY, Gainesville, GA, Clinton and Altus, OK, and Port Angeles, WA. God is good!

If you want or know someone who would like more information on starting a club in your area you can download our app that has many resources for you all at your fingertips. It has everything from “How to start a Club” to the HOPE weekly guides and links to the First Priority youtube channel and blog. It’s a great resource to share with your students as well. Plus you can register to win free stuff. Everybody loves to win something. Here’s a video below explaining the many things the app has to offer.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 12.55.05 PM



Why We Do First Priority

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We do First Priority because it changes lives. Lives of students like Abigail, who was trained to serve as a student leader for her First Priority club at her high school. The opportunity and lessons Abigail learned while serving as a leader, have helped her to follow God’s call in her life as she starts a new chapter and heads to college.

Here is Abigail’s story:

I was just getting serious about my faith when I first started high school and, I was really struggling when it came to being bold in my walk with Jesus, especially on my school campus. First Priority became a place where I felt safe to go and speak about my faith with other believers, invite unbelievers to hear about Jesus, and practice telling others about all God has done in my life.

This club has provided ample amounts of opportunity for me to pray over people who are struggling in their walk with Jesus and celebrate with those who experienced God’s grace for the first time! I have been able to experience all of these things because of your support, whether that be financially or prayerfully.Abigail

Once a month, we were able to provide pizza for our club, all thanks to your giving, which encouraged over two classrooms full of students to come and hear the great news of Jesus Christ, some for the first time. The impact you have had on C.E. Byrd High School has had incredible eternal value and, as a, now former, First Priority leader, I am incredibly grateful for the sacrifices you have made to help us win the lost for Jesus!

In Luke 10:2 Jesus tells us that “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few” and then calls us to “pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” You are living this out by supporting First Priority. You guys have given over and beyond which has allowed First Priority to give away the scholarship I have been honored to receive.

You are equipping students to share the gospel middle and high school campuses and then sending them off to do the same things on their college campuses through your giving.

As a four year member of First Priority and now a recipient of the First Priority Scholarship, I would like to personally thank you for the sacrifices you have made so that I can do all Jesus has called me to do. I will be eternally grateful for First Priority and all it’s equipped me to do.

Thank you!


Summer Prayer Challenge: Week 9 – SELF-CONTROL

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The act of saying “yes” to Jesus causes the “fruit of the Spirit” to come through us! The ninth fruit we are focusing on is SELF-CONTROL. It is difficult in the world we live in to not give in to those things around us that pull us in many different directions away from who we are called to be as Christians. The Bible “teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age”- Titus 2:12. 


Challenge: Pray this week that God would give you the strength to turn from the worldly wants and desires around us and to seek Him. Showing others what it means to live with self-control so that they may also be encourage to live in the same way.

// Thus you will walk in the ways of the good and keep to the paths of the righteous. – Proverbs 2:20 //

Summer Prayer Challenge: Week 8 – GENTLENESS

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The act of saying “yes” to Jesus causes the “fruit of the Spirit” to come through us! The eighth fruit we are focusing on is GENTLENESS. We serve a loving God and He has many ways of gently leading us forward. Psalm 119:105 says “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Gentleness copy

Challenge: Pray this week that God would gently lead you toward Him and help you lead others to Him. Specifically, how can you be more gentle in situations to the people around you?
Let’s also pray for the students who will be sharing about GENTLENESS In their schools during the month eight HOPE cycle. 

//let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person- Colossians 4:6//