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8 Times the Impact!

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Recently, Barna research released that only 10% of Gen Z church goers are actively living out their faith in our current culture.

That is alarming!

However, that research also showed that the same 10% are willing to live more boldly for Christ than previous generations, allowing them to have a huge impact on those around them.

This is exciting! 

The best news, we are seeing the 10% rise up on South Florida campuses!

Last Wednesday in Miami-Dade County, eight schools hosted their club to be an outreach event on their campus. In every one of those eight schools, student leaders actively brought their friends and shared the Gospel!

86 students made a decision to follow Jesus as a result of those eight clubs!

Students are fired up about sharing the love, peace, and hope of Jesus with all their classmates. They are standing unashamed in both their words and actions. As a result,  many of their classmates are attracted to their boldness for Jesus and want to know more.

God is using these students in a mighty way to change thousands of lives in their schools.



Two new clubs celebrate life change!

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Read these stories shared from two new clubs that started in different areas this year and how God is already moving on those school campuses.

Tyler Eanes, a newly trained FP campus coach in Gainesville, Georgia, trained student leaders who got a FP club going in a new school called Cherokee Bluff. On their 2nd official meeting it was Overcome Week. I told Tyler, just wait until Engage week when you get to see students give their lives to Christ, it will fire up everyone. Well, they did not have to wait until Engage week, Go God! Another new club that started this year in Kansas City saw one student give their life to Christ in their first FP Club meeting of the year! One of the student leaders invited her friend to the club who went to church but had never heard the gospel and she gave her life to Christ in that first FP club meeting. Praise God!

You can be a part of this movement too! Isn’t it exciting to hear about life change in our middle and high schools? Did you know we will train you to help students lead students in the Hope of Christ? Register today for the last Start a Club Webinar of the year. Read more about it by clicking the image below and sign up to join the movement of sharing the gospel of Christ.



Meet Zac!

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The kids of First Priority at one of the middle schools in South Florida were excited to share their faith but they didn’t really know how to get out there and do it. Once they were given a Club Impact Kit things changed.

They spent their week outside in the hustle and bustle of the bus loop and pick up area. They used a speaker to play music and they passed out candy to other kids running for their rides.

The excitement caught the attention of Zac, a 7th grader who rides the bus. He went over to the crowd and asked what was going on. The students from the FP club explained that they were having a FP club party next week and he should come.

The next week, Zac came to the club. The excitement in the courtyard was the initial thing that caught his eye but the Gospel penetrated his heart and he turned his life over to Jesus!

A few weeks later, Zac asked his club mentor about youth group and she invited him to attend church that Friday. Ever since, Zac has been faithfully attending church and he has never come alone! 

God truly used a speaker, some candy and a bus loop to meet Zac where he was.

Praying over our Schools

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Haley Wherry, FP Director of Blue Ridge

Whether school for you starts on August 10 or September 10, the school year is quickly approaching. One thing that we can all do to kick the year off to a good start for our schools is to pray. In Tennessee, the state government made a law that the weekend before school starts is to be the ‘Weekend of Prayer Over Students’. We use that law (that doesn’t do much) as an excuse to rally parents, teachers, and area churches to set a day/time that weekend to pray together. We want to encourage you as well to find ways to be praying for your schools, students, teachers and administration. Click the image to listen to Haley Wherry, FP Director of Blue Ridge talk about the 2019 Tennessee weekend of prayer.

God calls us to pray. Romans 12:12 says, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”  We want to constantly be in prayer for these students who are the leaders of our future. It is our job to support and encourage them to be who God has called them to be.

A Principal is thankful for the FP Club at his school!

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At a recent First Priority meeting in the biggest school in our region (FP Blue Ridge, TN), a sophomore girl visited the club for the first time. No one knew her. She saw students preparing to go out onto the campus with gospel surveys. She approached and asked what was going on. A freshman leader told her about First Priority and she said she is seeking Christian fellowship because her friends are bringing her down and driving her from God. She claimed to be a Christian and went evangelizing with the team.

When she returned to the room we were debriefing about the experience. She suddenly went into a violent seizure and fell face first into a table leg, busting her cheek and leaving a gash in her scalp. I jumped around the table, pulled her out and determined she wasn’t bleeding to death or choking on her tongue. She seized for at least 6 minutes, while the school officials came running in and EMTs arrived.

We prayed over her, cleaned up and stayed with her until she was taken away by the ambulance. She had mentioned where she went to church, so I was able to contact her youth pastor who knew her as a former attendee. The youth pastor visited her in the hospital and let me know she went home that night with stitches.

She was back at school with a black eye and stitches and showed up at the First Priority meeting. She went evangelizing again with the team. When the meeting was over, she remained behind and approached me and another Campus Coach and asked “How do I find friends?” We encouraged her and gave her advice on that question and several others, encouraging her to get involved at her church and hang with people that lift her up, not tear her down. It was an opportunity to speak into a student we would never have met outside of First Priority.

Later that day I went to the principal at the high school. When he saw me, he said, “I’m glad you are here…I need to talk to you about an email I received yesterday regarding First Priority.” He then told me that the mother had emailed him a lengthy message. He said her main point for the email was that her daughter’s favorite class was First Priority (she must not know it’s a club), that her daughter couldn’t stop taking about it, and the mother wanted to ask the principal if he could assure that she could attend that class next school year.

He said her email was a testimony to the value of First Priority on his campus. I assured him it was a testimony to the student leaders who are loving on this student and the whole student body. He then said, “Most people outside of these walls only hear about the bad things that go on here. But, there are good things happening here and First Priority is one of them.”

Check out what is happening in Bristol, TN

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Scott Emerine Bristol Area Director was invited to speak today at Vance Middle School. Students will be altering the HOPE cycle to have Engage weeks to finish out the year and they will be sharing the Gospel using their testimony worksheets and the First Priority Blue Ridge provided Bibles from First Priority of America. We are extremely proud of how innovative and creative students are and how churches are partnering with the student missionaries to empower them.

How Layton uses her time in school as a role model

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In this video, Layton, a student in NC, shares her story of how she has become a role model in her school by making a public profession of faith in Christ through baptism. It has made her a role model where she gets the opportunity to be asked questions about God in school.

This video is from FP Greater Clayton
Joel Rowland, Director

Two growing First Priority movements bring in new leadership!

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Justin Theriot is a dad of three, husband to one great lady, and friend to a bunch of us! Justin TheriotTo our benefit, he is also our FPGN Rutherford County Director in the FP Greater Nashville chapter. He has been mostly volunteer up until the turn of the calendar year. Today, Justin is serving part-time, overseeing the 11+ schools with First Priority clubs in Rutherford County and it continues to grow. He has a potential to see 23 schools have a First Priority club in his county. He is passionate about the Hope of Christ in every student and is working tirelessly to get there! We are grateful that he has joined the team in the First Priority Nashville movement!

The turn of the calendar year has seen the intensity of the First Priority movement in Birmingham increase under the leadership of Greg Davis as President.bham leader meeting Greg brought his staff down to Fort Lauderdale at the end of 2018 to see how FP South Florida staffs and structures their growing 234 club chapter. Below you see old and new leadership in the Birmingham chapter getting fed physically and spiritually by Greg.

These are exciting times to be a part of the First Priority family! If it is time to get a club going in your community, start today! If the school down the street is calling, let’s get together and help unite the local churches to see students reach students in all the schools of your community.

God is moving in North Alabama

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The other day I went and visited a club @Elkmont HS. It was Prepare week for this club and instead of 2-3 students sharing their testimony, they decided to use the “Faith Story”guide in the HOPE manual. They split up into small groups; girls with girls and guys with guys. As I listened, I heard one of the Senior guys who helps lead the club, give an example by sharing his faith story. The majority of his group were underclassmen. When Jacob shared how God helped him in his struggles it moved one of the young men to pull Jacob aside and talk to him. He shared that he was in a similar situation and that he too wanted a faith story of his own. He wanted to know God the way Jacob does. Jacob did not preach to them or condemn them. He simply shared his story with them and then God drew this young man to Himself. In that moment, all of heaven rejoiced! We rejoice too!  Please pray for our students, teachers, parents, administrators and campus coaches across Colbert, Lauderdale, Limestone and Madison public schools. God is alive! He is doing a great work in our region. If you have questions about how to be a part of what God is doing message me.
Casey Jones
FP Director North Alabama


The Benefit of Being Faithful

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Do you often wonder if faithfulness really pays off? In a culture built on immediate satisfaction and the pursuit of comfort, it seems to be a value that has fallen by the wayside. But, among God’s people, it is a virtue worth guarding and worth displaying.

Many students come to mind when considering this, but one in particular stands out to me. She wanted to launch a First Priority group at her school last year, but had little support going in. In fact, there were many weeks (and months), when she and one other student were the only ones in the meetings. This did not shake her, though. She continued to pray, to attend the weekly meetings, and to invite friends. There was not a time that she faltered or questioned her calling. Her faith amazed my staff and me.

Then, the group began to grow and last week they had their biggest turnout. As she described it: “this is truly God’s group; a safe place for students to come into and grow in relationship with him.” Wow, what a wonderful example of faithfulness and God’s willingness to provide.

It is my prayer that First Priority will always be a place where students find their purpose, remain steadfast in their faith, and faithfully share the hope of Christ with others.

Blessings Abundant,

Amber Johansen
Executive Director, FP Tampa