The Two Questions That Follow…

By Local FP Communities, Priority Parents
As we travel across the US, we experience incredible stories of parents who hear about what their children are involved with in the name of First Priority at their schools and find themselves drawn to become a part of what God is doing on their student’s school campus.


I learned of one great story in Shreveport, LA this past month and want to share it with you.  David is a businessman in the Shreveport area and was part of the team that helped launch First Priority locally, 3 years ago.  As he began to investigate First Priority through conversations with other members of the launch team, he came to realize that this “club” was different.  What David learned is that First Priority is NOT a club; the club is simply the outcome of what First Priority does. First Priority by definition is a local organization that unites the body of Christ to reach students on the public school secondary schools.


It was in his conversations with John Carruth, another part of the launch team and current director in Shreveport, that David realized he too had a role to play in uniting the body of Christ around the local schools. As a business leader, David was able to bring to the table other businesses in his network that were interested in seeing positive influence brought to this local school. As parents, he and his wife have been able to share all that First Priority as meant to their family over the past few years with many other families in their area.



David now serves as the Board president for FP ArkLaTex, which is the First Priority organization based in Shreveport. His families support of the multiple schools that are served by FP ArkLaTex is awesome.  We are so thankful for the thousands of parents like David and his wife that play an active role in uniting the body of Christ around a school, or a community to reach every student.

Two Questions tend to come out of a story like this…


First, what role can i play to support my student on their school campus through First Priority?  We urge parents to get involved, through the 4 P’s “Praying, Participation, Promoting, and Providing.”  Those are pretty self explanatory, however we offer a very simple guide that helps you put those ideals to action.

To order your Priority Parent guide, click here…


Second, how can i find the local FP organization in my community? There are over 50 organizations across the US, just below in this email you will se a FP logo in the Social Networks listing, click on that logo, and it will take you to the National FP website. There you will find in the Get Involved section a listing of organizations with contact info.

Taught to Pray

By Nehemiah

Hi “Nehemiah”,

Recently, a devo provided by youversion.com was part of my daily quiet time. As you know, bathing ourselves in the Word is one of the most critical things we can do as Nehemiahs. I heard it once said that when you are not reading and having time alone with God on a consistent basis, it is like the red tachometer on a car. When the tachometer reaches the red, it serves as a warning. The same is true in our daily time with the Lord. When our quiet times become less frequent, it is a warning sign to us as Christians. I wanted to share right from the devo on the idea of, “Teach us to Pray.” As you know, prayer was the first thing that Nehemiah did before he acted on the burden that God gave him. When we pray about certain things, it deepens those burdens.

“Teach us to pray,” one of Jesus’ disciples asked him one day (Luke 11:1). Now–it wasn’t that they were unfamiliar with the concept of sending speech or thoughts up to God in heaven. Their parents had surely taught them prayers in their homes when they were children. Each Sabbath, they would light their candles and pray. Each Passover, they would eat the lamb, hear again the story of God’s miraculous redemption of his people, and thank him for his mighty acts on their behalf.

They were regulars at synagogue worship and knew the temple rituals. But when they saw how much Jesus got out of his prayer time, when they saw how often and how intensely he spoke with his Father, they knew they were missing something important. They wanted their prayer lives to do for them what it obviously did for Jesus.

Why did he draw so much strength from that time? Why was he always so refreshed? How could they tap into that heavenly comfort and energy?

Do you share their longing? Is your prayer life sometimes unfulfilling? forced? scant? confused? nonexistent? The Bible is full of stories and passages that can guide and inspire us to a better prayer life. These little devotions will bring you an encouraging word from the Word for each day of your month. “Pray continually” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)!

We would like to thank Time of Grace for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: www.timeofgrace.org.

Keep Fishing,

Brandon Starnes

Brad Schelling

Mark Roberts

FPOA Staff