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Did you see it Sunday night? I did! I was excited. After all, ‘God is love’. The NFL was explicitly telling us to believe in God! That was a monumental moment for the U.S. of A. Or was it? That was (honestly) my first reaction. But I was sitting in my La-Z-Boy recliner simply enjoying an annual night of relaxation. I wasn’t analyzing the song lyrics, formations, dress code or anything. By the end of halftime, I was trying to figure out which location I was going to try to see Coldplay live. I like Viva-la-vida. And Coldplay’s dress was bright and colorful and made me feel happy. After all, are we not really ‘all in this together?’

But, Monday morning brought reality as I talked to people and read online all the agenda’s that were weaved into the performance. The Monday morning blues hit me hard this week. Why can we not just all get along? I know, I know. The word of God is living and active and the gospel is divisive and scary to the darkness around us.

Here is my take on it after sitting on it for a couple of days. We, as believers need to take this sign as a sign:

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What sign is that? The sign that the truth of God is written on the hearts of every human being on this planet and that they are all seeking God. If they deny it and have an agenda contrary to God’s word, they are still seeking Him. They are just trying to fill there need for God through that agenda. What is the best way to lead them to believe in true agape love? I do not believe it is to go against their agenda. I believe it is by showing them true agape love.

I know I will get criticized for this post. Mostly because of the color of cards in the stands and the insinuating homosexual agenda behind the Super Bowl performance. But, know that I am neither singling that issue out nor endorsing it. What I am saying is that the body of Christ needs to wake up to the opportunity before us. The people in Jesus day always asked for a sign and a miracle. I say that a sign is before us. The people of our nation want to believe in God. They want to believe in love. They are searching so hard that they have explicitly shown the church how hard they are looking for God. Will you use the opportunity to show them God’s love and share his message with them?

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our life for our brother.” 1 John 3:16


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