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Brad Schelling

FP Podcast Episode 22: Connection and Conversation

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Steve Cherrico Director and Brad Schelling

Hosts of the FP Podcast Steve Cherrico and Brad Schelling share about connection and conversation at our National Conference where FP directors, coordinators, campus coaches and many more gather each year.

FP Podcast Episode 21: Developing and encouraging student leaders

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Ory Hampton, The Healing Place Church

Ory Hampton has been on staff at The Healing Place Church since 2017. He and Kassady have been married since 2011, and they have one son, Chasen. Ory answered the call to preaching ministry at age 17, and has a huge passion for training up the next generation of church ministry leaders. He is an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry, with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministry, from Lee University. He is also the director of LEAD Alabama, a ministry training program in partnership with Church of God International Youth & Discipleship, Lee University, and the Church of God School of Ministry. Ory loves Alabama football, Atlanta Braves baseball, reading books and traveling with his family.

FP Podcast Episode 20: Paul Taylor Smith “We’ve been set Free to set others Free”

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Paul Taylor Smith, Owner and Founder of Frvr Free

Paul Taylor Smith has a business degree and is the Founder and Owner of Frvr Free. He started out on the path to owning a Chick-fil-A store when God laid ministry on his heart. He felt the Lord was telling him to create, write and record music for the church, to pastor groups of people, and travel and let the message of freedom be known.

The Mission of Frvr Free is: We’ve been set free to set others free.

This ministry lives by a set of 5 core values.

  1. Choosing Freedom over Fear
  2. Honor over Envy
  3. Oneness over Sameness
  4. Abiding over Striving
  5. Choose God over Everything

Frvr Free creates space for the spirit of God to set people free.

FP Podcast Episode 19: The two reasons a bank president would hire FP student leaders

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Adam Robertson, President Commercial Bank

Adam Robertson currently serves as President of Commercial Bank located Harrogate, Tennessee.  In his 22 years at the bank, he has served in various capacities throughout the bank. During his tenure, the Bank has grown from 7 offices to 27 and the Bank’s assets have increased dramatically from $150 million to $1.3 billion. In addition to his duties at Commercial Bank, Adam is a small business owner and developer.

Adam is a graduate of Belmont University and the Graduate School of Banking at LSU.  He and his wife, Cindi, reside in Speedwell, Tennessee with their two children, Olivia and Noah.


FP Podcast Episode 18: Engaging students with the Gospel

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Associate Director, First Priority of America

Mark Roberts serves as Associate Director for First Priority of America. He spends most of his days equipping and training pastors to start First Priority chapters and working with the team that serves the local communities across the country. He was part of the team that developed the first major FP local city over 25 years ago in Birmingham, AL. He has an extensive background in student leadership training through organizations like: Student Leadership University, N.A.M.B., and Northpoint Community Church. He has spoken to thousands of teenagers and adults over the years, sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the call to be a missionary on their school campus.

Mark currently resides in Saint Petersburg, Florida with his wife, Tonya. They have two sons, Hayden and Cole.

FP Podcast Episode 17: How prepare week teaches students to share their faith story

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Phillip Cole, FP Director Arklatex

Phillip has worked in student, music, and evangelism ministry in both local and traveling organizations in Louisiana and Mississippi since 2002. He was first introduced to First Priority as a high school student in 1999, then as a campus coach in 2010, and joined the First Priority ArkLaTex staff in January of 2015. Phillip loves to network with ministry leaders and equip students to become missionaries to their local schools. Phillip lives in Shreveport, LA with his wife Alisha and their three sons, Dylan, Jude, and Shepherd.

FP Podcast Episode 16: How to help students overcome obstacles of identity, views of God, and sharing faith.

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Joel Rowland, FP Director Front Range

Joel Rowland has been the Director of First Priority Clayton, NC for the past four years. Joel, along with his wife Amber have felt the call of God to move their family to Colorado to answer their passionate calling to revive and rebuild the First Priority Front Range Region. 

Joel and Amber have been married for 12 years. They love playing music, exploring the outdoors, reading, and finding joy in the simple things of life. Lincoln is 4 years old. He loves baseball (Colorado Rockies), Superheroes, the Zoo, and anything he can explore outdoors. Lincoln has an Aussie named Zuma (his very own dog from Paw Patrol!). 

Joel and Amber have been serving and leading faith-based organizations since their teenage years. They have also experienced some life-changing tragedies including the death of Joel’s parents at 20 years old, the loss of Amber’s Father as a child, and the loss of their own child. Their hope and joy were found in Jesus through these tragedies. 

Joel is currently on the journey of becoming a Hebrew Scholar with a Master of Hebraic Context of the Bible and Biblical Linguistics through the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a Certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer for the John Maxwell Team and holds a certificate in Apologetics with the Ravi Zacharias Institute of Ministry. He has also enjoyed time studying abroad in Israel and serving in Ecuador with Samaritan’s Purse. Amber is currently developing her ministry skills through the Vineyard Institute. 

FP Podcast Episode 15: Natalie Kenney

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Natalie Kenney, Area Director, Permian Basin First Priority

Natalie has served alongside her husband Shane in youth ministry for the past 20 years. She has a burden to reach lost people with the Gospel and uses that passion to train students to be missionaries on their campus.

FP Podcast Episode 14: Jeff Grenell

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Jeff Grenell, founder ythology

After 4 decades of Youth Leadership, Jeff Grenell founded ythology to raise the level of Youth Leadership. ythology exists to educate, resource, and inspire youth and to train youth leaders to prepare the NextGen to lead in the Church and the world. Jeff has also written the book, #IfJobHadTwitter: When Hardship Hits the Palace

“One Way” Help Tool

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The school year has started for some and is quickly approaching for others. As clubs start getting ready to launch we wanted to share one of the evangelism tools from the Hope Weekly Guide. Below is an excerpt from the first Help Week explaining how to use this tool. You can find the whole Help Week explanation here.

Now that we know that Jesus is the only way to God, how do we use the “One Way” Help Tool to start a conversation with God and share the Good News? Place the sticker on your folder, binder, phone case, or item that is visible to others. When your classmates, teachers, or parents ask you what the sticker means, you can respond with excitement, “I am so glad you asked” and share about our key verse, John 14:6, “Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Tell how Jesus is the “one way” to a relationship with God now and forever. Then, share your story of beginning a relationship with Jesus.