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FP is not a Competition

By Nehemiah

In the First Priority world, we talk a lot about unity in the body of Christ. We quote John 17 often, and speak of local churches coming together to influence the schools for Christ. Well, why not para church ministries too. First Priority, FCA, Young life, Youth for Christ, and Youth Alive are all trying to reach students, why can’t we work together? Check out this 3 minute video that talks about working together to reach students.

Students can still share their faith with their peers

By Nehemiah, First Priority Of America

With all the chaos in the world, God is still in charge and He is still moving in this country. Even with the shortened school year, we still celebrate 7924 students giving their lives to Christ. BOOM!

FP clubs may look different this year, but the core of First Priority remains the same; to teach students how to share their faith with their peers. We do not know if students will be able to gather together at school, but we do know there are multiple ways they can still share the Gospel of Christ. Let’s be there cheering them on. God is good!

Exciting news! There is a FP Prayer Guide on the YouVersion app

By Nehemiah, FP Tools

We have great news!

We have a plan of action through our relationship with the Bible Project, YouVersion Bible APP, and our HOPE Strategy to train students to lead small FP Groups to reach their friends who are far from God in the Fall school year.

What is the Bible Project and YouVersion app?

The Bible project is a video platform (website) that explains the Bible. There will be a video to go along with each week of our HOPE cycle this year. It will be easy to find thru our HOPE guides online or the FP app.

YouVersion is the most downloaded free Bible app for phones and tablets. It was created and is operated by live church. We have uploaded a prayer guide reading plan for students to use to get ready for school.

Basically a reading plan lasts 30 days. Once you download and open the app, click on plans- then search First Priority. Every day the app will remind the user to read the scripture for that day. This will reoccur for 30 days or until the plan is finished.

Once we begin FP meetings, there will be a reading plan to go with each month of the HOPE cycle and there will remain a follow up reading plan for students who accept Christ all year!

Exciting News about New Communities starting First Priority

By Nehemiah, Local FP Communities

When a new community starts First Priority, we walk though a 4 phase process. Just like good Baptists, all the beginning letters are the same, we might even throw a poem in at the end just to bring it home. Ha!

Phase 1 – Discovery: Building awareness in the community, casting vision, and building the different networks of support; youth pastors, students, teachers, and business leaders
Phase 2 – Deployment: A vision casting event happens where you recruit donors and leaders to work with the clubs. This is also the phase that you train your networks to launch clubs.
Phase 3 – Development: Start building an advisory team. This is the beginnings of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Phase 4 – Direction: In this phase, First Priority of America is now helping expand First Priority by providing direction to new communities wanting to start First Priority in their area.

With all that said we at FPoA are excited about the future expansion of First Priority into other communities. We are currently helping 8 cities get started. Kansas City, Orlando, Fort Worth, Denver, Richmond VA, Fredrick, MD, Springfield, MO, and Jackson, MS. We currently have what we like to call a Nehemiah in 5 of these communities. (Nehemiah showed up and leveraged what was already in the city to rebuild the torn down walls of Jerusalem). Jonathan Pugsley in KC, Wilson Clark in Orlando, Joel Rowland in Denver, Beth Endeda in Richmond, VA, and Jeff Stanford in Springfield, MO. Please pray God gives favor to these new coordinators as they work to build networks and train to start clubs this fall. Also be in prayer that God raises up a Nehemiah in the rest of the cities. If you have not seen our 2 minute Nehemiah video you can click here and see it.

We also want to let you know that we pray God uses you in your community to see students come to Christ. We are in a time in our history where the message of the gospel is important to share with our country and especially students. If you would like to get First Priority started in your community, please visit www.firstpriority.club/startaclub. We would love for you to join our growing First Priority family.


The Biggest Mission Field

By Nehemiah

Thank you for sticking with us along this 5 week journey of tips to help grow your student ministry. I pray it has been helpful and encouraging to you. Today’s tip looks at the biggest mission field of all. Watch the video below to hear what that is and how you can start reaching those who are lost.

To find out more about the plan of action of reaching lost students click here.

Empowering Students to share their story

By Nehemiah

You’ve reached the 4th week of tips. I hope these tips have been helpful for you.  I know that if you take the time, process through these tips, and begin to implement them in your ministry that you will deepen the lives of your core students that will change the culture of the entire group. Try it. Your student ministry will not be the same! AND, we are not done. Check out the video today from Wilson: 


All ministries lead somewhere. Have you ever asked yourself or people in your church the question: What is the goal of our student ministry for students who graduate high school? What is it that you want students to graduate with from being a part of the church? We think it is pretty simple:

  1. The number one thing you can do in the life of a student is to help him/her _______________ the Gospel.
  1. Equip them to share their __________________ Story.
  2. As they identify the God moments in their life, help students to __________ it out.

*** Our students are ___________________________ for Christ.

When you work and equip them to know the Gospel, their story of faith, and write it out, you will see them take ownership of their faith before they graduate high school.

Once you watch the video, download the homework sheet (it has the fill in words for these blanks).

See you tomorrow!  Get ready for the last day. it is a good one, no a GREAT one!



One simple way to grow your student ministry: Have a Plan

By Nehemiah

Welcome to tip #3 of our journey to help prepare your student ministry to grow after the shelter at home order is lifted. We started with your call from God. Last week, we gave you a prayer tool to help get your church behind the student ministry. And now, we are going to empower those students to begin growing your ministry. It is a very simple concept that doesn’t get enough street cred: Talk to God about your friends before talking to your friends about God. And measure it. Check it out:

In all of life, you have to have something to measure. If you don’t, how can you get anyone to join you?  Everyone wants to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves!  The best way to help people see that this something is your student ministry is to show results. In todays tip I challenge you to set goals and build your ministry though prayer. After all, if we don’t have the air cover we will never win the ground war.

  1. If I do not measure it, I do not ________ about it.
  2. Know __________ how many resources are needed.
  3. Develop your __________ for student led prayer.

*** Give your students the _________ friend challenge.

Once you watch the video, download the homework sheet (it has the fill in words for these blanks). Be ready for Day 4!! Tomorrow we give you a tool that will help the words of Jesus come out of the mouths of your student leaders!

See you tomorrow!



The best way to get your Church involved in Student Ministry

By Nehemiah

Welcome to Tip #2. I hope Tip #1 last week was a fresh reminder of God’s love for you and HIS desire to use you to redeem His creation! If you haven’t seen Tip 1, go back in the blog and check that one out first. Today we continue our quest to help prepare your student ministry for after the shelter at home order is lifted.

In today’s tip, we look at the best thing you have going for you: students! What if you and your church started seeing your students in a slightly different way? Don Miller (StoryBrand.com) says there are 4 kinds of people in every story: Villains, Victims, Heroes and Guides.  So what does this have to do with student ministry? Watch the video to find out:

  1. See students as __________________ to school.
  2. Identify students who are already ___________ their faith (the heroes! aka Luke Skywalker).
  3. Equip the church to _____________ for the missionaries (the guides – but you are their master Yoda!).

*** People have a __________ for what they pray for.

Once you watch the video, download the homework sheet (it has the fill in words for these blanks) and take some time to list the hero’s in your student ministry (the students). Be ready for Tip 3 where we will give you a tool for your students to use to share their faith story.