1 Reason why FP values Accountability

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Because it gets FP to where we want to go.

By having people around him (I called it a band of brothers in the previous posts this month) and policies and procedures in place, Joel Rowland has set up ministry that will be successful for years to come. Here is a representation from one of the clubs there recently:

Riverwood Middle School completed Engage Week on a high note this week. 89 students gathered in the gym for Bojangles, giveaways, and most importantly, to hear the good news of Jesus! 12 students responded, 8 recommitted, and many more want to become student leaders. It was a great day!

What has made this club so successful this year? Why do so many students want to attend First Priority each week to hear about Jesus? I believe the results can be attributed to our incredible student leaders who have spent the last few months inviting their friends and embracing the truth that they are missionaries to their school. One of our favorite hashtags is #studentsreachstudents because it is true!

Focus. Commitment. Diligence. They do not happen on their own. Nor can we commit to them on our own. We need to band together to stay focused on making ‘The Hope of Christ in Every Student’ a reality!


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