Governing Principles

  • Living and Sharing the Life of Christ:
    First Priority desires to see Christian students live out their faith by sharing the hope of Jesus Christ. We expect a proactive posture of intentional outreach targeted at the school. First Priority students become missionaries to their school while the supporting adult networks equip, encourage and empower those students as the body of Christ.
  • A Servant-leader Model of Ministry:
    First Priority fosters an organizational culture that is characterized by being stewards of what God has granted. For First Priority, service means taking on an attitude of proactive servanthood. In other words, First Priority must be sensitive to the real and felt needs of all of its constituencies. Every person involved with the ministry should understand the necessity of utilizing their God-given abilities in the wisest manner.
  • Involvement with a Local Church:
    First Priority unites local churches to develop a cooperative grassroots movement. We expect your local leadership to be actively involved in a local church. From the beginning, a multi-denominational effort is expected. Maintaining a non-territorial movement requires multiple churches/denominations to be involved.
  • A Signature of Excellence:
    First Priority is committed to fulfilling its mission in ways that will exalt the Lord and His kingdom. First Priority should be known as a professional and top tier organization. This includes, but is not limited to all of its services, products, and leadership.
  • Carrying out the Vision and Mission of First Priority:
    First Priority is a covenant led organization. The First Priority franchise model is designed to help your organization succeed. Your organization’s leadership bears the responsibility of fulfilling the First Priority vision and mission.
  • Following the First Priority Four Phase Process:
    FPOA has a successful Four Phase Process that has worked in many communities. Even though not all communities are the same and things happen at different stages, the Process works. We at FPOA expect you to follow the Process and are committed to guiding and resourcing your organization.