The INSANITY of Gospel Entrepreneurs

It is amazing to consider the ministry of First Priority and that we are reaching 10,000 students a year for Christ. The possibility of doubling that number by the end of 2018 is not only possible, but probable. The joy and privilege I have in leading this organization begins and ends with your passion and energy to reach America’s students with the Gospel. These 70 Days will give us all some additional intentionality to take our evangelism “game” up a level. The difference in elite athletes and great athletes is only the higher level of focus and discipline in the fundamentals. The challenge with the 70 Days of Expansion is to be intentional in everything we do and with more passion.

This plan has 4 components:

  • To bring clarity to the student led First Priority clubs by spending time in prayer and fasting in February
  • To give a more focused and intentional evangelism push in March
  • To create a community service project focused on the schools in April
  • To end the 70 days partnering with the National Day of Prayer on May 3

So what is our goal? The important thing is that WE AS A NATIONAL MINISTRY focus for 70 days on expanding our efforts to see students saved and we are ALL as prepared as possible. Included in the 70 Resources are the details and information for the upcoming ’70 Days of Expansion’ starting in February 2018!

The more we pray about this idea and hear the excitement from many of you, the more we feel that this is an incredible opportunity for all of us to unite around a project that will raise awareness of the First Priority brand.

With H.O.P.E. from Christ,

Dr. Rick Forbus
First Priority of America, Inc.

70 Days of Expansion Outreach Guide

70 DAYS of Expansion Prayer and Fasting Guide

70 Days of Expansion Service


70 Days of Expansion NDOP 11×17 Poster